FREE Pick Up for Door to Door Services

Cargo Service You want to send Branch Drop-Off UK Door Pick Up Duty UK Pick Up Charges Weight Delivery time(MIN)
Branch to Door Handling charges Door to Door Handling charges  Customs Personal Driver DPD UK KGs (min)  From Departure
Sea Cargo
*Economical Courier Service
Only Clothes(Sacks Bag) £ 1.50 * £ 5.00 £ 3.00 £ 10.00** £ 0.00 *Enquire Free 20 3-4 Months
Mixed household items (Books, Kitchenware, Spices, Dry Fruits, Cosmetics, Purses, and Shoes) £ 2.00 * £ 5.00 £ 3.00 £ 10.00** £ 0.00 *Enquire Free 20 3-4 Months
†† Electric Items Mixed Electric items and tool items and mixed household items, clothes, purses, shoes, books, kitchenware. (except mobile, TV, and PC) £ 5.00 * £ 5.00 £ 10.00 £ 10.00** £ 0.00 *Enquire Free 20 3-4 Months
Air Cargo
*Express Courier Service
  £ **

Up to 5 kg is charged at a fixed fee of £35 per box.


After 5 kg every kg will be charged £5.


Any parcel over 9 kg will be charged £5 flat rate.

£ 5.00 £ **

Up to 5 kg is charged £50 per box.


After 6 kg every kg will be charged £6.


Over 14 kg will be charged flat £6

£ 10.00** duty
To be Collected
*Enquire Free 5 2 Weeks
†† Excess Baggage Shipping
*Only for Travellers Excess
Branch to Airport Door to Airport Airway Bill
  £ 3.00 £ 5.00 £ 4.00 £ 10.00** £ 50 *Enquire Free 100 1 week after you arrive in india
Exlusive Discount Offer:

1. Free pickup will be provided for door to door service only

2. **£10.00 box handling charges apply

  •      Terms & Conditions Apply
  • ††    Please contact us for More information regarding services and prohibited items details
  • *      Sender will drop cargo at our branch and we will deliver to his doorstep in India

Dangerous Goods, Prohibited or Restricted in Cargo

Items classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), ADR (European Road Transport Regulation on dangerous goods), and appear harmless in everyday use can pose dangers on air and or road transport and are consequently forbidden for transport.


Aerosols & Gasses based materials

  1. Aerosols
  2. Air Fresheners
  3. Any compressed gas cylinders
  4. Body Sprays, Perfumes
  5. Cigarette lighters
  6. Gas cylinders for camping stoves 
  7. All type of gases

Explosive Materials e.g.

  1. Ammunition
  2. Christmas/Diwali crackers
  3. snaps
  4. Fireworks
  5. Fuses
  6. Including weapons or replicas
  7. Radioactive Materials
  8. All oxidizing substances
  9. Organic Peroxides e.g., Bleach etc

Animal & Plant Products

  1. Animal Skins (non-domesticated)
  2. Furs & Ivory
  3. Live Animals
  4. Perishable Goods
  5. Plants & Plant Seeds

Medicines & Foods

  1. Pills & tablets
  2. Vitamins & minerals
  3. Syrups & Suspensions
  4. Foodstuffs
  5. Other Medicines

Items of Exceptional Value

  1. Money
  2. Negotiable Items
  3. Pre-paid Cards
  4. Jewellery & Watches
  5. Works of Art, Antiques
  6. Precious Stones

Flammable Goods

  1. Perfumes & Aftershaves
  2. Nail Polish or Polish Removers
  3. Household cleaning products
  4. Gels, including shaving gels
  5. Hair Dye
  6. Oils or Oil based materials
  7. Other flammable liquids

Corrosive substances e.g.

  1. All battery types
  2. Corrosive cleaning fluids
  3. Acids and Alkalis
  4. Thermometers (mercury) etc

Toxic & Infectious substances e.g.

  1. Pesticides
  2. Insecticides
  3. Mercury
  4. Poisons etc

Miscellaneous Dangerous goods e.g.

  1. Asbestos
  2. Magnetized materials
  3. Ink or toner cartridges
  4. Dry Ice
  5. Self inflating life jackets
  6. Other Dangerous Goods Not Permitted
  7. Battery powered toys
  8. Tobacco & Tobacco Products

Liquids & Fluids

  1. Alcohol
  2. Beverages
  3. Liquid medicines

Items with No Compensation and Guarantee of safe delivery (Not Prohibited though)

  1. Plasma/LCD/LED TVs (unless crated)
  2. Laptops without Batteries
  3. Mobiles & tablet PCs without batteries
  4. Games & PlayStations without batteries

Every parcel we handle and accept, X-Ray scanned for prohibited items and manually checked for customs documents, where such restricted items are found, we reserve the right to remove these items and dispose them off without reference. The shipment will be halted and an administrative penalty of £50 will be posted on the parcel, where it will continue to be delayed until charge will not be paid by the customer.

If customer wants prohibited and removed item back, a £300 fee will be charged and item will not be returned until charge paid in full by the customer.

Our Terms & Conditions

  1. For pick up maximum weight allowed is 20 kgs per Box Chargeable Weight (Gross Weight OR Volume Weight) whichever Highest. Any parcel/package found to be more than 20kgs will be charged £25 extra per box. (Chargeable Weight) Gross Weight OR Volume Weight whichever Higher
  2. (Example) (WxLxH) in centimetres/5000 = Volumetric Weight In kg (47*47*47)=103823/5000=20.76 Means 21kg Chargeable Weight.
  3. Indian custom required KYC (Know your customer) Identification Proof for Sender and Receiver any of one copy Aadhar Card / Pan Card or Indian passport.
  4. Sender will be required for preparing itemized List, it will be Sender's responsibility for any missing items if it's not mentioned on the List or Mis-declared.
  5. Banned items as per IATA list are not allowed, please refer to the Prohibited items list for more details.
  6. All shipments are accepted subject to terms and conditions
  7. All non-document items are subject to inspection.
  8. Airline Company Terms and Conditions will be applied to all shipments going through express services.
  9. For Pick up & Delivery Terms and Conditions of Local Pick-Up Courier Company will be applied.
  10. IMPORTANT NOTE: The rates mentioned here are for collection by DPD who only collect boxes. Collection by a DEDICATED VAN costs more (please ask for more details), but collect handbags, suitcases, etc. Please note that when a DEDICATED VAN is booked the driver will only collect from your main door/gate at ground level. A minimum charge of £25 (for loads less than 25kg) or £1/kg (for loads in excess of 25kg) will apply in instances where you ask the driver to collect from other than your main door/gate at ground level. Note that this handling charge is in addition to the DEDICATED VAN service rate. Your advance payment (which is £50 in most cases) will not be counted towards the bill total if no one's home (for whatever reason) when the driver turns up for collection - you will simply lose your deposit! When using DEDICATED VAN service in areas where LEZ, ULEZ and Congestion Charges apply the customer needs to pay these charges additionally.
  11. Sender will be responsible penalties for any wrong declaration.
  12. Custom Duty is not included Any Custom Duty; Customer is Liable to pay.
  13. All deliveries are subject to Airline weather conditions, Custom Clearance and flight schedule / delays.
  14. For Delivery it takes 7 To 10 working days for Main Cities after departure, Express Parcel Delivery 7 working days. Main Cities and 1 to 7 extra Days for Remote locations. Parcel No guarantee for damage or breakage during transit Separate insurance must be taken.
  15. Once receiver accepts the parcel and sign, we as a cargo service will not be responsible for any claims.
  16. All Prices are subject to change without prior Notice.
  17. As a cargo company our maximum Liability is up to US $ 50
  18. Please don't send shipment for the commercial purpose.
  19. When driver arrives for the pick up, please keep box ready for him to collect with the UK Sender name and Mobile number details clearly written on the box.
  20. You do not need to pay anything to driver for pick up, we will provide you the bank details for the payment.
  21. Handling charge £5 per Box. Express service handling charges £30 Fast box every box £5 per Box.
  22. If you decide to cancel for ANY reason AFTER pick-up, there is a charge of £50. (Please note that a deposit of £50 will be required before Collection)
  23. It takes a minimum of two months from departure date by SEA freight. It may take longer due to the pandemic. Terms and Conditions of the shipping company and customs also apply. Tracking for sea parcels is limited to departure, customs clearance and forwarding.
  24. It takes a minimum of two weeks from departure date by AIR. It may take longer due to the pandemic.
  25. Strictly no batteries and no battery-powered products. No oil, no spray, no perfume, no flammable items and no liquids. Please refer to prohibited items list for details
  26. UK to India airport only. Customs clearance is your responsibility.
  27. in case of prohibited items found in the parcel, they will be removed without prior notice. Customer will be charged £300 penalty if he wants them back. Please refer to prohibited items list for details
  28. You will receive an email with all the instructions to pack your parcels prior to handed them over to our drivers. Please satisfy all your responsibilities according to the instruction.


Company is not liable for any issues if all mentioned responsibilities sent in your email are not satisfied. For collection from your home, DPD pick up terms and conditions apply.

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